Creative Services:

Spectrum Letterbox can help get your marketing program started… we can make suggestions in the design stage to help maximize your postal discounts, and speed your mail through the postal service.

Data Processing Services:

Spectrum Letterbox can help you manage addresses: the heart of direct mail. We help you compile, procure, or optimize a mailing list. Our certified postal database software (MAIL MANAGER) manages your targeted list, prepares it to conform to all regulations, takes advantage of all possible postal discounts.

Mail Production:

Count on Spectrum Letterbox to get it done. We have the equipment and the experience. We invest the time and capital to keep up to date with the latest technologies. Our workflow is designed to process mail faster, more accurately, and to save you money. The equipment is here. Our people are trained. Our workflow is accurate and reliable. Our experience shows in our performance. Plan to succeed. Target your prospects. Get the best list. Optimize addresses. Then we take your well-designed mail piece and quickly move it through all our machines and processes. It arrives on time at the post office properly: addressed… barcoded… inserted… metered… stamped… folded… tabbed… sealed… presorted… sacked… trayed… tagged.

Spectrum Letterbox gets it done!

Material Inventory/Distribution:

Spectrum Letterbox can store your materials to help free up warehouse space.

Pick-up and Delivery:

Spectrum Letterbox is conveniently located in the Delaware Valley allowing us to offer dependable pick-up and delivery.

We specialize in printing stationary, data processing, personalized printing,
direct mail manufacture and project management.