About Us

Spectrum Letterbox

Has been serving the local community for 25 years, providing an essential service: connecting you with your target audience through their mailboxes.

While this task might seem daunting, it’s effortless with Spectrum. Our advanced technology, including high-speed inkjet printers, inserters, folders, wafer sealing, and stamp affixing, ensures seamless project execution and quicker processing. Faster processes translate to reduced costs. Even though the process might appear complicated, Spectrum Letterbox handles it with ease.

Navigating postage costs efficiently demands a grasp of  postal regulations and guidelines, a task Spectrum excels at. As a reputable mail service provider partnered with the U.S. Postal Service, we are well-versed in and compliant with the regulations, which enables us to send out your projects at discounted rates.

Mike has been in the industry for 35+ years.. Lives in hatfield with his wife and has 2 daughters.

Kevin is the dad of the kang jake and queenz reece and hayden.

Wife Joanna, pillar of the community.